Tips for managing anxiety and stress during the coronavirus outbreak

It can be hard to stay positive these days. Social distancing can make us feel lonely. Concern for friends and family can cause stress. And the news can be a source of anxiety as much as a source of information.

So it’s important we take some time to ourselves each day to pay attention to our mental health. Remember, to be of help to others you need to take care of yourself first, and self care is not selfish. 

We love this article from Deborah Sosin at WBUR in Boston, which outlines 11 Things You Can Do To Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety. Her top three:

  1. Tune out. You can stay abreast of the news but you really, really, really don’t have to monitor every single development. (I’ve written about this previously here.)
  2. Stop what you’re doing and take three (or more) conscious breaths. Feel the air going in through your nose. Inhale deeply, filling your lungs. Exhale slowly through pursed lips. Repeat as needed throughout the day (and night). Or watch this calming breath animation.
  3. Put your hand on your heart, or both hands criss crossed on your chest, press gently and feel the warm sensation. Close your eyes and tell yourself, “This is hard, but I’m doing the best I can.” (You can learn more about a practice called Mindful Self-Compassion here.)

Read the rest at WBUR…


The COPD foundation hosted a webinar called, Daily Strategies for Your Emotional Well-Being During COVID-19, you can watch it on YouTube:


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And finally, if you’re Feeling anxious about the coronavirus? A Stanford psychiatrist offers tips.

If you have questions about your health or you’re not feeling well, contact your healthcare provider by phone or visit their website to determine whether you should be seen in-person.

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