New feature: Users can now “ring” the sensor on a lost inhaler with Propeller

Our users told us how easy it can be to misplace an inhaler, whether it’s in a purse, in a coat pocket or down the side of a chair. We heard you, and we have great news: starting today, Propeller users can “ring” the sensor on their lost inhaler to find it quickly and easily.

Through an update to the Find My Inhaler feature, users can “ring” the sensor on their inhaler in the Devices tab of the Propeller app, activating a pleasant jingle that indicates the sensor’s location.

Here’s how the “ring” feature works:

  • Go to the Devices tab in the Propeller app
  • Locate the lost inhaler on your list of medications
  • Tap the “Find My Inhaler” button
  • Tap the “Ring Sensor” button

The “ring” feature works when the user’s smartphone is within Bluetooth range of the sensor — usually that means in the same room or one room away. The jingle plays for about 40 seconds, allowing ample time to look around for the inhaler. Users can still view the sensor’s location on the map on the Find My Inhaler screen.

We hope that the new “ring” feature will be a helpful tool for users any time their inhaler goes missing, so they can make sure to have their inhaler in the right place at the right time.

The Propeller app will update automatically to include the new feature on most phones, depending on the user’s settings. If you’re a Propeller user and you don’t see the “Ring Sensor” button, make sure you have the latest version of the Propeller app or contact [email protected]. If your app is up to date and you still don’t see the “Ring Sensor” button, you may have an older sensor that doesn’t support the feature.

If you’re a Propeller user and have feedback about how we can make your life with asthma and COPD a little bit better, please let us know at [email protected]. If you’re a provider interested in using Propeller with your patients, contact us at [email protected].