3 Insights on Respiratory Disease During COVID-19 from David Van Sickle

Propeller Health CEO David Van Sickle

Propeller CEO David Van Sickle recently appeared on the podcast Digital Health Today to discuss “Helping People with Respiratory Illnesses Breathe Easier During the COVID-19 Pandemic” with host Dan Kendall. In the podcast, David talks to Dan about helping people manage their respiratory conditions in the midst of COVID-19, and why passively-collected information about inhaler usage can improve physician care and increase medication adherence.

Here are three takeaways on managing respiratory disease during COVID-19 and beyond from David’s appearance on Digital Health Today:

1. Adherence is more important than ever.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Propeller has observed that patients have become 14.5 percent more adherent to their controller medications, findings we published in JACI: In Practice on May 3.

In this podcast, David describes the importance of ensuring medication adherence during the pandemic, in order to reduce unnecessary exacerbations and keep high-risk patients from needing to visit the emergency room.

2. The clinician-patient relationship has moved online.

He describes how working with clinician partners can improve remote care and allow for more optimal, data-driven care management without seeing patients in person.

During COVID-19, with many patients cancelling their appointments, it may be difficult for clinicians to keep track of how their patients are doing. Using the Propeller platform, clinicians can monitor their patient’s control and receive notifications when their patients may need intervention or a change in their treatment plan.

3. Digital health is here to stay.

Looking ahead to the post-COVID world, David discusses how the industry is figuring out new ways to “use machines and digital data to help support more effective patient-physician communication.”

Platforms like Propeller can help physicians stratify their patients into different risk groups as well as empower patients to better self-manage their conditions. David predicts that the standard of asthma care may shift from an annual asthma visit to a more digitized version that may be more effective and efficient in improving asthma control. 

To listen to the complete podcast, visit Digital Health Today

If you are interested in implementing Propeller to help monitor your patients remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak, please reach out to us at [email protected].