Can I continue to use my normal inhaler?

Yes, the Propeller sensor attaches to the end of most metered-dose inhalers. You will not need a new inhaler to start using the Propeller sensor.

What medications are compatible with the Propeller sensor?

The Propeller sensor is compatible with most metered-dose inhalers for both rescue and controller medications. To see a complete list of medications the Propeller sensor is compatible with, click here.

How do I get Propeller?

Everyone who has a Propeller account is sponsored by one of our clients. This allows us to deliver our product (a $300 value) to you at no cost! Makes you think about writing a thank you note to your sponsor, doesn’t it?

Your sponsor could be your health insurance, your doctor’s office, your employer, or one of our beta groups.

Usually, our clients will reach out to you to invite you to create a Propeller account. If you’re not sure if you qualify, give us a call 877-251-5451 or send us an email at [email protected]. We can help!

Does my Propeller sensor need to be charged?

The Propeller sensor battery will last around 1.5 years. If your sensor does not light up, simply call our office at 877-251-5451 or email us at help(at) so we can get you what you need.

What happens if I lose the Propeller sensor?

Not to worry. Simply call our office at 877-251-5451 or email us at help(at) so we can get you what you need.

The Propeller sensor is compatible with which devices?

The Propeller sensor is compatible with

  • iPhones running on iOS 8+
  • iPads/iPods running on iOS 8+
  • Smartphones running on Android 4.3+


What do I do when I refill my inhaler prescription?

Don’t forget to move your sensor to your new inhaler! Make sure if you are refilling both your daily and your rescue medication that you note down which sensor should be on which medication.

What happens when I upgrade to a new smartphone?

When you get a new smartphone, just download the Propeller app, and sign in. You will be good to go.

How do I clean my Propeller sensor?

Do not put your sensor underwater. This could cause damage to your sensor. To clean your sensor, wipe with a slightly damp cloth and mild soap.

I’m concerned about privacy. How secure is my information?

Your privacy is very important to Propeller Health. Your information will never be sold, and we safeguard all of the personally identifiable health information you share with Propeller. You can read our User Agreement online for more information on our privacy policies or contact us with questions.

Does the Propeller sensor mean you can monitor where I am? Or my child?

No. Not to worry, this is not a big brother scenario. Think about your sensor as snapping a photo each time you use the inhaler – a photo of date, time, and location data when paired with your mobile device. Location data from your inhaler usages is not shared with anyone unless you give permission, such as choosing to share your asthma or COPD data with a family member or healthcare provider.

Can I turn off my location tracking if I don’t ever want my location information recorded?

Yes. You can disable location settings for the Propeller mobile app via your general settings on your phone. When location services are disabled, the app will still keep track of the date and time that you use your inhaler, but it will not collect any location information.

What do other people in the Propeller community see in their community maps and trends? Can they see my data?

No, other Propeller users cannot view your data. If you opt in to share anonymized location data, no personal information will ever be shared, and your trends and locations will be aggregated and anonymized within your local community so nothing can ever be linked to an individual. A user can see, for example, that the area between 3rd and 7th streets downtown is a hot spot for attacks, but they can’t see who has been having problems there. We are also careful to aggregate hot spots to include multiple users so that no hot spot could be traced back to an individual’s home or work location.

How is my adherence percentage and Asthma Control Score calculated?

Adherence percentage is calculated on the doses a user takes vs. what was described in their Propeller medication plan. Read this post to understand how your Asthma Control Score is calculated based on the national guidelines.

If I end my relationship with Propeller Health, what happens to my data?

You can export your personal identifying information and data before your relationship with Propeller Health ends, if you choose. To the extent possible we will delete from our systems all of your personal identifying information and data. Any personal identifying information and data that we cannot delete will be held securely and privately in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws. We may retain anonymous data about the type of phone you used, technical support information, data that contributed to historical community trends or product enhancements.

If I share my data with my healthcare provider or family member, what do they see?

You decide which data you want to share. Remember, you’re always in control. There are four key types of data, and you can decide to share each one or none:

  1. Clinical data (medications, events, and level of control)
  2. Personal data (name, birthdate, address, phone number)
  3. Sensor data (sensor ID, battery level, last sync)
  4. Aggregated, anonymized location data

Can my data be sold?

No. Your information will not be sold.

What are the Indications for Use?

Indications for Use

The Propeller System includes the Propeller Sensor which is an electronic accessory device intended for single-patient use to assist physicians and patients in recording the actuations of prescribed MDI usage.

The Propeller Mobile Application records, stores, and transmits usage events from the Propeller Sensor to a remote storage system.

The Propeller Web Application is software intended to allow users to review the collected information and characteristics of MDI use, to add detail associated with a recorded usage event, and to share that information with their physician in order to provide additional information associated with the condition for which their MDI medication(s) are prescribed.

The Propeller System may also be used in clinical trials where researchers need to know information about use of a MDI Medication(s) by a participant.

The output of the Propeller System is not intended to diagnose or replace a diagnosis provided by a licensed physician. The Propeller System is not intended for use as a MDI medication dose counter, nor is it intended to indicate the quantity of medication remaining in an MDI.

  • Detach the Sensor from the medication canister when charging.
  • During charging, the Sensor is not functional.
  • The Sensor may not be immersed in liquid.
  • The Sensor is not intended to communicate an emergency.
  • The Sensor is not a dose counter. Please make sure that you use the dose counter provided with your inhaler medication if it has one.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms, never delay use of your inhaled medications because the Sensor is not attached.
Operating and Storage Conditions
  • Operating temperature: 13° – 26° C
  • Nonoperating temperature: -10° – +60° C
  • Altitude: up to 1000hPa
  • Relative humidity: 5% – 95% noncondensing

Have more questions? Please send us an email at info(at) or give us a call at 877-251-5451.

Have more questions?

Please send us a message here or give us a call at 877-251-5451.