We determine asthma conditions so you can be better prepared to seize the day

Air by Propeller is a set of free tools to help people understand current asthma conditions in their neighborhoods.

Air is an open application programming interface (API), a one-of-a-kind model that applies machine-learning to data from Propeller and environmental sources. Led by Propeller data scientists and clinical researchers, the Air API predicts how asthma may be affected by local conditions.

Air also includes a series of tools that share local asthma conditions. Air tools are built from the Air API and range from an email or text subscription, to an embeddable Air Widget for other websites.

Understand how your asthma may be affected with different Air tools that fit into your life, or share local asthma conditions by creating tools with the Air API.

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Build your own tools from Propeller data. The Air API allows individuals and organizations to use local asthma conditions to help people with asthma.

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Air Tools

Air Email and Text Subscription

Every morning Air predicts asthma conditions across the US. Sign up to receive a quick text or email when asthma conditions in your region are fair or poor.

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Air Widget

Embed the Air Widget in your website to help your site visitors learn about asthma conditions. Copy the code below to get started.


Alexa & Google Home Integration

Learn about asthma conditions on demand. Say “Get asthma conditions from Propeller” to hear if asthma conditions are good, fair or poor.

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Google Home coming soon


IFTTT Applets can notify you when asthma conditions change. Turn on notifications for Philips Hue, Facebook, Twitter, WeMo, air purifiers, or build your own.

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Asthma Beacon

Asthma conditions can shine bright through a colored light installation. Build a beacon that changes color when asthma conditions change. Create a light show in your community, business, or school to help people with asthma understand when their breathing could be impacted.

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Possibilities are endless

Here’s a look at what others have built using Air API

Karl Weather

Visualize the weather in San Francisco’s many microclimates or zoom out to plan your day around the Bay Area. View the current temperatures on a beautiful heatmap and swipe across the screen to view forecasted temperatures for the next 24 hours. Want more info? Tap any neighborhood to view detailed weather information.


  • 24 hour forecast for SF neighborhoods + 25 Bay Area cities
  • Dynamic heatmaps
  • Day/night cycle
  • Detailed neighborhood forecast including: Current temperature & condition, 10-day forecast, sunrise/sunset times, humidity, visibility, wind, UV index and asthma conditions
  • 3D Touch shortcuts

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If you’ve made your own creation with Air API, we’d love to know about your project

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