Your life is digital.Now your medicines are, too.

Propeller helps you understand your symptoms, stick to your medication plan and build a stronger connection to your doctor. It's never been easier to manage chronic conditions like asthma and COPD.

How it works

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A life without limits

How it works

Start by connecting your medications

Propeller provides small sensors that easily attach to the inhalers you already have. The sensors track your medication usage so you don't have to.

Next, Propeller automatically learns about your disease

We help you become an expert at managing your symptoms and identifying your triggers.

Then, work with your doctor

Propeller creates reports that help you or your family member better understand your asthma or COPD, and work with your physician to adjust your medication, avoid triggers and achieve control.

Feel better, breathe easier and live a life without limits

Join the thousands of people with asthma and COPD who use Propeller

Propeller does the work
You live the life you want to live

Many patients experience reduced symptoms and attacks after just one month

Reference: Barrett, M. A., Humblet, O., Marcus, J. E., Henderson, K., Smith, T., Eid, N., ... & Stempel, D. (2017). Effect of a mobile health, sensor-driven asthma management platform on asthma control. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, 119(5), 415-421.

Build a stronger connection with your doctor

Propeller helps you save money on unnecessary emergency care



  • “Asthma is a difficult disease, but with Propeller I have now had a few weeks without many symptoms and many days without any symptoms.”

  • “My biggest 'wow' moment was getting a text message that my son used his inhaler.”

  • “Asthma can make a lot of things in your life just a little more challenging.”

    We all get busy and you can have a tendency to just deal with things being harder, but the weekly emails... helped remind me to take some time to check in with myself to see how I was doing and actually focus on making sure I'm managing my asthma as well as I can be.


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