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Propeller makes managing asthma and COPD easier than ever before

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Air is a free suite of tools to help people across the US understand asthma conditions in their neighborhoods

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By measuring where and when you have symptoms, Propeller makes it easier to manage asthma and COPD

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  • “Asthma is a difficult disease, but with Propeller I have now had a few weeks without many symptoms and many days without any symptoms.”

  • “My biggest 'wow' moment was getting a text message that my son used his inhaler.”

  • “Asthma can make a lot of things in your life just a little more challenging.”

    We all get busy and you can have a tendency to just deal with things being harder, but the weekly emails... helped remind me to take some time to check in with myself to see how I was doing and actually focus on making sure I'm managing my asthma as well as I can be.

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